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LV Armed & Unarmed Cables

Low Voltage power cables are constructed with rigid, solid or stranded,
copper and aluminium conductors, and flexible (bare or tin-plated) copper conductors.

  • Flame retardant properties
  • Cables with anti-termite sheaths
  • LV Cables for Small products
  • All type of LV cables
  • LV 3 Phase Cable
  • Water proof cable

MV Armed & Unarmed Cables

  • MV Cable with single phase
  • Magnet proof cable
  • MV cables for special purpose
  • Cables for small products
  • MV Cables for heavy machinery
  • Load carrier cables

Building Wires

  • Cables for house wiring
  • Coils for home, Office wiring
  • Different Load bear cables
  • Low & High Rate Cables
  • Cables Coils for Home wiring
  • Roles for office and Home wiring

Multi Cores Control

  • Core Cables for multi purpose
  • Heavy and low both purpose
  • Cables used output in House
  • Office output purpose
  • Cables are used in small products
  • Multi purpose cables